We start with meat imported from Denmark, where it is raised without antibiotics as a growth promoter.


Selecting the finest quality baby back ribs available and exclusively using the smallest rib cut from the highest part of the hog guarantees the leanest, most flavorful meat.


Our recipes for ribs and sauce have won over 100 awards in the US and Canada.


These famous ribs originate from the traditional "Old Southern" style of rib cooking from Michelbob's Championship Ribs Restaurants in Naples, Florida. Then they are combined with the bold and spicy flavors from the famous Hickory House in Aspen, Colorado. This unique combination results in a most succulent rib.


Our customers have called them "The Filet Mignon of Barbecue Ribs™". We hope you agree.


Awards Won: More than 100, and among them, the top competitions in America and Canada

Best Ribs in America: Three-Time Winner

Best Ribs in Canada: Two-Time Winner

World's Best sauce


Competing against the best rib cookers in America, this rib has won competitions in Florida, Tennessee, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Virginia and Michigan. The wide variety of locales attests to the universal popularity of our combination of "Old South" and "Wild West".


The secret to the sweetness of the meat is the uniqueness of the Danish rib where the hogs are all-natural and are fed a lean diet of grains and brought to market at a time of maximum flavor quality. The leaner hog is specially processed so that the meat quantity between the bones is maximized. The Danish Pork Industry is recognized for its high quality and is the leading exporter of specialized pork products in the world. We established our relationship with Danish exporters over twenty years ago and have co-created a grade of rib which maximized the sweet-meat flavor of the younger, leaner hog with the high meat yield of this small and very special rib.


Our smoking technique has benefitted from the experience of the European craftsmen at Old Colorado Smokehouse. We use a combination of woods, primarily hickory and oak, soaking them in water barrels before smoking to create unmatched and unique flavors. There are no shortcuts to quality. Each rack of ribs is fully smoked and individually verified for penetration. The pink color of the finished rib is your guarantee of perfection. Because the rib is so lean, we must smoke it slowly to maintain its moistness. And along the way, we add a few secret twists and turns to give our ribs that special extra which wins the championships.


But the secret to our success is that we only serve these ribs through our four restaurant properties in Florida and Colorado where the owners are on-site every day, assuring that the superior quality is maintained. We have been featured on "Oprah" and count among our guests many famous people in America.


Now, for the first time in our 28-year history, our ribs will be available for purchase by retailers, restaurants, wholesalers and delis.


We start with the best rib in the world, add world-championship sauce and spices, gently oven-smoke by artisans from Europe who create renowned specialty meats in their own right, and ship them for sale across America. Available pre-cooked. Just heat and serve.






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